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399 Old Loudon Rd, Latham

Call Latham: (518) 782-5030

Meyer Super V / Super V2 Plows in Upstate NY

Versatility With Improved Plowing Performance

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Versatility At The Touch Of A Button

Meyer Products' second generation Super-V multi-position plow, the Super-V2, offers aggressive styling and incredible plowing performance. This v plow has a 70-degree attack angle and a tapered steel blade. Available in 8.5’, 9.5’, and 10.5' lengths, the Super-V2 provides excellent snow rolling and throwing action similar to that of a highway plow.


When you want the convenience of a "V" blade, scoop blade or straight blade, you want Meyer Super-V2 v plows. Our exclusive one-button controller lets you put the plow in just about any configuration. The dual acting cylinders lock the blade so you can back drag snow in any blade position. Also available is the Meyer Super-V, our standard v-plow, available in *7.5', 8.5’ and 9.5’ lengths.


Double-acting Cylinders

Why pay for a lock-out system when you don’t have to? Back drag snow more efficiently than ever with our standard locking double-acting cylinders on our v plows. Going forward or backward, just set the angle you want and the blade position is locked on the v plow.


Trip-Edge Design

Unlike competitive models, all Super-Vs have trip-edge moldboards. This means that no matter how the moldboards are configured, only the lower portion of the blades give way so the entire load is not lost. Not only does the trip-edge make plowing more efficient, it also absorbs and dissipates the shock caused by obstructions saving wear and tear on the driver, truck and snow plow.


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